BriannaMonet: Mother + Nurse+  Business Planing Coach

Welcome to BriannaMonet where women are Transformed, Powerful, and Free! This site is created for all the women who are transforming their lives and on the road to fulfilling their purpose through business. Here is where I share my thoughts, personal experiences, & business planning expertise with you all. I represent All Things B! Business. Balance. Becoming.

What is BriannaMonet Consulting?


Brianna is a devoted mother and entrepreneur who started this journey by stepping out on faith in creating an opportunity for herself that her 9-5 could not give her. After a few years working as a nurse she realized that Corporate America was not allowing her to live out her divine purpose of encouraging, assisting, and growing mother's, aspiring women entrepreneurs, and young girls. She now works with mothers and new/up and coming women entrepreneurs who struggle with setting up their businesses by providing accountability, strategies, and organization through her business planning expertise.  ​

Our goal is to assist our clients in becoming successful in their business ventures with our help in ensuring they take the proper steps in building, organizing, and setting the foundation for their business; while fully walking in their purpose. So, welcome to BMC where your ideas come to life!

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