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Happy Friday!! So do you all feel like your day to day is never changing, nothing exciting going on? Well I just want to speak on position really quick, I had a thought last week like wow my life can get really repetitive at times. However, not to long after that I heard "Stay in position" and I don't mean stay stagnant never working towards your goals but if you are seeking God for anything stay in position until it's time to move. You never want anything to early because one or two things will happen; you will not appreciate the blessing or because it was not the appointed time it may destroy you or you may destroy it. The waiting season is hard but very necessary because it builds character and it definitely brings forth self awareness. Which we all know self awareness is a vital part in growth and inner peace.

So, as hard as it may seem to stay in position when you feel nothing is changing around you remember when God is silent that's when He is working. Keep praying and seeking God for the very thing your heart desires and WAIT for His appointed time because His time is always perfect. You never know, what's being built in this season will be the very thing you need for your next season!

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