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Walking In Purpose.

Hello everyone, so I know it's been awhile since I blogged. If you all have been following me you know I've recently just launched my dance company in June. Also just last Thursday I "unofficially" launched my podcast WomenTransformed which has been a blessing in itself. But I just wanted to type something up real quick about purpose because if I can be honest after launching a second business in the middle of a pandemic I've learned the true definition of walking in purpose. So, let's start with the practical definition from our good friend google.

Purpose: "the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists."

So I will tell you all like I tell my clients during the Mindset stage in my coaching program WHY ARE YOU STARTING THIS BUSINESS OR NON PROFIT? You have to know the WHY before walking in your purpose because if you do not know the why there is no purpose behind it. What are you really doing this for? You have to also remember your purpose is a solution for someone else, what do you have that can solve their problem? Do you really have the answer and do you have joy when providing the solution aka walking in your purpose? Your purpose will always be greater than you, it is for the betterment of others such as your target audience. I'll talk about me for a second I have three different things going on in my life right now in which I can genuinely say I really feel like I've finally started walking in my purpose. Why do I say that? I say that because there is this peace and sense of joy that is hovering over me every day now, I go to places where I use to complain but now there is peace and I am operating in my joy rather than murmuring and complaining all day like I use too. Keep in mind these are visions that God has given from way back in college around 2013-2015 well at least that's where it all started. After life experiences and single motherhood I've learned so much about perseverance, resilience, strength and how to truly depend on God that everything that He's ever placed in my heart is coming to pass.

Each of my businesses were created to help someone other than myself, they were created to provide opportunities, strategies, and accountability that I did not have growing up as a little girl, as a single mother, and as a woman that is still becoming. My consulting business was created to help mother's and other women entrepreneurs who find themselves unsuccessful in starting their businesses due to lack of support, balance, and resources. My why is because I've been there and I know the struggle of inconsistency, not having the resources, wasting money with all of these different coaching programs, and making one mistake after another.