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1 on 1 Coaching

The She is Purposed VIP 1:1 Coaching consists of a 3-4 hour day with me where we discuss four areas that helps you create a healthier lifestyle mentally, emotionally, & spiritually. We tackle any issues you may be facing that are keeping you from achieving work/life balance & purposeful/intentional living. We also tackle areas like overthinking, negative self-talk, time management, trauma, realistic goal setting, creating a prayer life, overcoming fear, feelings of being stuck, & creating healthy routines & habits. 

The goal of this work day is to help you get out of your cycles and start living with intention and purpose.


The 4 pillars include: 


1. Mindfulness (Re-discovery)

2. Balance ( Re-aligning)

3. Management (Re-framing)

4. Becoming (Reflection)


If you find yourself identifying with those behaviors listed above and you are ready to create and execute a strategic plan to help you achieve work/life balance, peace, and intentional living fill out the intake form to receive your application for your 1:1 coaching VIP day.


WomenTransformed offers 2 signature courses for you to jumpstart your growth & healing journey at your own pace! I know that you may have a jam packed schedule and have no time to join the live sessions or you are on a budget. Well these are two affordable courses that you can visit at your own leisure. Our courses include:


1. 7 Day Self-Growth Challenge


2. Unbecoming to Become a 6 Week Intensive Course


3. The Re-Brand Bundle ( You get both courses together with bonuses included).


Click on the courses to find out more!


Purposed Mentorship Program

The Purposed Mentorship Program is a 6 week program created to help women develop the necessary skills to operate in purpose...rather it's in business, your 9-5, at home, or in school. Topics include:


1. Mindset (Weeks 1 and 2)

2. Balance ( Week 3)

3. Business ( Weeks 4-6)


Are you interested? Be the first to know when this Mentorship Program launches by clicking the link below and join the waitlist. Only 8 ladies will be chosen to join Cohort 1.

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